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Use Scopus (Elsevier), as it includes pre-generated search queries for 16 of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) available from Scopus Advanced Search. This feature can help you track and demonstrate progress towards the targets of the SDG. Full details of the methodology and results for each SDG search query are available on Mendeley. See the following SDG FAQ and Keywords search for more information.

Information on SDG are listed on the Research Portal site. Click on SDGs (will prompt to log in if you are off-campus). Click on any of the Scopus Publishing Criteria links under the SDG icons to see the keywords used by Scopus to locate research by SDG. To help with discoverability of your research, add these keywords to your research title, subject or description when publishing your research to appear in Scopus.

Library of Congress (LoC) have advised that they currently have no plans to create a new field for this, nor have other queries been made about it yet. They will monitor the MARC community in the coming months/year to determine whether the community sees it as a need. If so, they would expect a paper to be submitted to the MARC Advisory Committee.

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