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In APA style you cite the source that you have used, and provide information at the end of the reference if it is a reprint. A reprint means that it has been directly copied from another source (with permission).  

It is a good idea to check the documentation on your vUWS site or ask your Unit Coordinator or tutor if there are any special instructions on how to reference a reading from the book of readings. Sometimes you may only be required to refer to the original text. Information on the original text is usually provided in your book of readings either in the contents page or at the beginning of the chapter/article. 


Reprinted chapter/article/section in a book of readings

Reference List Entry
Painter, C. (2012). Children’s picture book narrative: Reading sequences of images. In D. Dickenson (Comp.), Unit 101626: Childrens literature: Image and text unit reader 2012 (pp.3-18). Penrith: Western Sydney University. (Reprinted from Advances in Language and  Education, pp. 40-41,48-59, by A. McCabe, M. O’Donnell & R. Whittaker, Eds., 2007, London:  Continuum)


In-text citation
Painter describes children’s images as ...(2007/2012)
Children are viewed according to ...(Painter,  2007/2012)


Reprinted ancient Greek/Roman texts and classical religious works.

If  the reprint in your reader is from an ancient Greek or Roman text and you have  been given no specific instructions except to use APA then provide an in text citation only. A reference list entry is not required 

However if you have been instructed to supply a reference list entry use the format in this example.  

Reference list entry for book of readings with original source.
Sophocles. (2000). Oedipus the king (R. Fagles, Trans.). In Western Sydney University, 100968 Texts and traditions: course reader (pp.3-18). Penrith: Author. (Reprinted from Harcourt Brace Jovanovich anthology of drama, pp. 5-23),  by W. B. Worthen, Ed., 3rd ed., 1993. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace.)


The example below can be used if you are only required to reference the original text. 

Reference list entry from book of readings source only.
Sophocles. (2000). Oedipus the King (R. Fageles, Trans.). In W. B. Worthen (Ed.), Harcourt Brace Jovanovich anthology of drama (3rd ed.). Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace.


Chapter, verse, line and other numbered and named parts of classical works are consistent across all editions and can be included in in-text citations. 

Irony is used to develop plot (Sophocles, 2000, lines 997-1197) ...
Sophocles (2000, lines 997-1197) develops irony...

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