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Below are two sets of conversion instructions. One for EndNote version 8 or higher users and the other is for version 7 or lower users.

Converting EndNote databases (version 8 or higher):

  • Log into your RefWorks account.
  • Select References, Import EndNote version 8 library from the Database drop down menu
  • Click the Browse button and locate your EndNote .enl file
  • Specify a folder to import the references to (optional: your references will automatically appear in the Last Imported Folder)
  • Click the Import button.

Converting EndNote databases (version 7 or lower):

  • From EndNote, select the correct Output Style for the export. Under the File menu select Output Styles.
  • From the list of output styles select RefMan (RIS) Export select it.
    Note: If you do not see this format, open the Style Manager and check the RefMan format. Close the Style Manager and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  • Select the references you want to export.
  • Under the Reference menu select Show Selected (or Show All if you wish to export the entire database).
  • Under the File menu select Export.
  • A dialog box appears for you to select the location where you want to save the file. Type a file name and select a location for importing into RefWorks. Select Text as your Save As type and click Save.
  • Go into RefWorks and from the References menu select Import.
  • Select Desktop Biblio. Mgt. Software as your Import Filter and EndNote as your Database. Browse for and select the file you just created from EndNote.
  • Click Import.

Note: When importing large amounts of references, it is recommended to import no more than 2500 records (or 3MB of files) at a single time. This will ensure a successful import.

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