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You can change the settings in your ORCID ID account as some research activity can be automatically populated without the need for manual entry.

Once you have signed in to your profile, update your ORCID ID  visibility settings to 'Everyone' as this will be useful when you wish to connect to Trusted Organizations or use the  Search & Link wizard option.

Authorising ORCID to access Trusted Parties

Enable Trusted Organizations in your ORCID record ensures you can add your publications automatically.

To authorise Trusted Parties:

  1. [Preferred option]  Enable auto-updates: this method automatically adds your work from Trusted Parties to your ORCID record via the Search & Link wizard (you will be prompted to grant access to each organisation's integration)
  2. Select connections as appropriate and follow the on-screen prompts to activate links and authorises and connect your ORCID record to the following popular platforms, for example:

When prompted (from the external platform), sign in to your ORCID record by clicking on the Create or Connect your ORCID iD button (as below)

Then, choose the Authorize option to complete the connection to your ORCID record.


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