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Peer review is a fundamental part of scholarly publishing as peer reviewers provide specialist expertise that guides editorial decisions and helps academic authors raise the quality of their work.

Web of Science Researcher Profiles (formerly Publons) is an author research profile that tracks metrics about individual research outputs, citation metrics, peer reviews, and journal editing activity within a single profile to create an online record that details contributions at the discipline level.

It generates metrics from previously unrecognised peer review and editorial work, which can contribute toward grant proposals, strategic publishing or academic promotions. Web of Science Researcher Profiles can also integrate with your ORCID iD to enhance your researcher profile. Your ORCID iD will display peer review activity without compromising your anonymity or infringing journal policies.

To authorise Web of Science access to your ORCID record:

  1. Sign in to the Web of Science platform.
  2. Navigate to your Profile Account settings.
  3. Go to the 'Connected accounts' tab and find the option to 'Connect your ORCID'.
  4. Press the button to authenticate (Connect) your ORCID to Clarivate.
  5. When prompted, Authorize access to Clarivate.

When you submit a review to a partner journal, you will be given the option to get recognition for your review on Web of Science Researcher Profiles, e.g.

  • Go to Web of Science Researcher Profiles.
  • Create a profile via on-screen prompts.
  • Add your review and elect to have all future reviews performed automatically against any Cambridge University Press Journal (or affiliate).
  • Provide an option to add a biography and research fields to the profile.

Note: A new account is not required if you already have a personal login to Web of Science or EndNote Online.

For more information, request a research consultation with your School Librarian.

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