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Facebook page

Reference List format

Author. Title of page [Medium]. Place of Publication: Publisher; Date of publication [cited date]. Available from: URL


Department of Health and Aged Care. Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care Facebook page [Internet]. Canberra (AU): Department of Health; [updated 2022 Jun 3; cited 2022 Jun 11]. Available from:


Facebook post

Reference List format

Author of post. Title of post [Medium]. Date of publication of post [cited date]. In: Title of page [Internet]. Place of publication: Publisher; Date of publication. Available from: URL


Hawking, S. Artificial intelligence has the power to make a positive difference to our lives [Facebook post]. 2015 May 13 [cited 2021 Jun 4]. In: Official Stephen Hawking Facebook page [Internet]. Cambridge (GB): The Stephen Hawking Foundation; 2014. Available from:


In-text citation


The current research1 states that...

or stated by Hawking.2


Note: If no date of publication or copyright date can be found, use the date of update/revision and/or the date cited in your reference entry.

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