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Firstly, visit the Western Sydney Getting Started page for an introduction to publishing in Western Open Textbooks.

When publishing your open textbook, you should consider the following factors:

  • Cloning or creating new content: Are you copying an existing Pressbooks Directory text or intending to upload and author your content in Western Open Textbooks? Seek advice from your School Librarian.
  • Licensing permissions and attribution statements: It takes time to seek permission from third party copyright owners, so do this as early as possible once you know the third party copyrighted content you want to reuse. Use this Records of Permission form to document and track your third party copyright content permissions.
  • Authoring content: Browse this list of resources on authoring open textbooks in the Pressbooks Directory. To aid in discoverability, ensure that you add Subject metadata to your book (go to your Pressbooks textbook and add Subject metadata to your ‘Book Info’ page).
  • Creating a book cover: Ask your School Librarian for advice on creating a book cover, for example, WSU branded or your own design, pending confirmation of copyright ownership by the University Copyright Officer.
  • Peer-review: There are some instructions on ‘Steps to Peer Review of Open Textbooks’ in the Open Textbook Initiative LibGuide. For further assistance, contact your School Librarian.
  • Library deposit: Notify the Library once you have completed your textbook. Request a book DOI then add this to your Pressbook ‘Book Info’ page and textbook inside cover. Use the book DOI when sharing posts to social media to track Altmetric online attention and activity. Register for the free Altmetric Bookmarklet to view online shares and mentions of your posts. Consider submitting your open textbook for Library deposit using the OER Library Deposit form. You will get a receipt of confirmation from the Library.
  • Cataloguing: Upon receiving your OER Library deposit form, the Library will catalogue your textbook and make it discoverable via Google Scholar and Trove. You will also be able to search for it in the Library catalogue and link directly to the record. For further assistance, contact your School Librarian.
  • Reading List: Consider adding your open textbook to your Reading List.

After publishing, consider: