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Increasingly, people are using multiple devices for research. EndNote can work across multiple devices through the creation of an EndNote Online profile and the sync feature in EndNote.  

For details on this follow this FAQ from Clarivate:

Important: only one library can be synced to an EndNote Online account. Don't forget that working across devices may mean adding any custom output styles such as our Harvard WesternSydU style to each device. 

Sharing and Editing Endnote Libraries

You may also want to share your EndNote library with a colleague. There are some considerations to think about when doing this including: do you just want your colleague to view the library or also write and edit entries within the library? 

For details on this follow this FAQ from Clarivate: 

Note: only the EndNote library associated with your EndNote Online profile can be shared in this way. This also has the potential to give up control of your library which could result in unwanted alterations. 

To retain complete control, it may be better to just send a copy of your compressed Library over email. 

For details on this follow this FAQ from Clarivate:  

Merging Libraries

When you receive a compressed library from a colleague, you may wish to copy the references to your own library. This FAQ will help you to navigate the various considerations in merging libraries. 

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