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To edit an output style in EndNote:

  1.     Click on the Tools menu.
  2.     Choose Output Styles > Open Style Manager.
  3.     Tick the style you wish to edit and click on the Edit button.
  4.     Save a copy of the style by going to the File menu and choose Save As.

From the copy you can then edit the required section of the template, e.g. to change the way author names appear you will need look at the author name section of the template.

The EndNote 20 Help manual, in the EndNote folder on your computer, provides detailed instructions on how to do this. The manual is a PDF and is located in your EndNote Folder. Use the search option in the PDF (Window: crtl f or Mac: ⌘ f ) and enter 'modifying style templates'.

A video is also available which outlines the different areas that can be edited.

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