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​To author Open Textbooks, you can use the Western Open Textbooks  Pressbook’s authoring and editing platform available through the Library.

Western Open Textbooks 

This is the Pressbooks academic authoring and editing platform for textbooks and courseware. It includes education-specific features, as well as training and ongoing support.

Notify your School Librarian when your openly licensed content is ready to display in the Western Catalogue. If your content has 1500+ words it will also appear in the Pressbooks Directory.

Peer Review and Library Deposit

Visit the Peer Review and Library Deposit page for details of Peer Review services, offered by Learning Futures and information on Library Deposit of OER. 

Peer review of OER is not compulsory. Sometimes OER are vetted through a formal peer review process similar to what is used on formally published textbooks and scholarly journals; other times, the process is self-selecting and informal. Some OER are not vetted at all, and the quality control will dependant on hosting via the Library, or you can use it independently within vUWS.

Pressbooks Directory 

Pressbooks OER repository. Search and discover open education resources that have been published by other higher educational institutions on Pressbooks.

Training and Support 

The Pressbooks User Guide will walk you through everything you can do with Pressbooks, including the Embedded Media Interactive Content (H5P). Further H5P training is available via Learning Futures

Authoring Open Textbooks:

Please select from this list of authoring open textbooks guides in the Pressbooks Directory. For Australia-centric copyright, licensing and accessibility information please visit the Open Textbook Initiative guide.

Video content 

The following Pressbooks streaming videos provide further instruction on how to use Pressbooks: 
* Introduction to Using Pressbooks [2:56] 
Introduction to Pressbooks [5:00] 
The Pressbooks Knowledge Base provides several knowledge base-style articles designed to help you quickly answer common questions you have about using Pressbooks. 
Contact your School Librarian for assistance.