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Pressbooks only automatically applies cover images to webbooks and EPUB downloads. eBooks require a cover in the eBook itself, so when Pressbooks exports your book, the cover is included.

For print-on-demand (POD), however, you send your POD supplier two separate files:

  • The "PDF interior" file (the inside pages of the book, which Pressbooks produces).
  • A separate PDF file of the cover (which you can produce on Pressbooks if you've upgraded to PDF+EBOOK Pro but are also welcome to source elsewhere).

Because Pressbooks PDFs are designed for POD, we do not include the cover in our PDF exports. If you are distributing your PDF on its own, you add your cover to your PDF using other tools such as Preview (for Mac) and Adobe Acrobat.

If you use our cover creator, you will download the file from Pressbooks before uploading to the bookstores otherwise get this file from your designer.

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