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You can but there is an array of factors you must consider before publishing to ensure your credibility and author rights are retained.

Often students publishing during candidature are allowed but you must make the right choice so your academic credibility is not questioned, and you retained author rights.

PhD students want to start publishing to obtain good metrics and interactions with their content as it would be useful for future promotions/job interviews

They may either publish to a singular journal title with content from the thesis. Or, perhaps to a journal-title that aligns with their research discipline to get  NOTICED

Other good reasons to are listed, here.

By not checking for journal quality, you may forfeit your author' rights and an embargo is placed on your thesis, so the full text is not available for up to three years.

What can you do:

  • Read the authors’ rights agreement.
  • Research Students are encouraged to discuss publication with their supervisors, including discussion of any media regarding their research.
  • Assessing journal quality
  • Consinsider publishing  in Open Acess Journal title