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In a reference, individual authors’ names are inverted. The surname is provided first, followed by a comma and then the initials separated by a full stop and space.

Author, A. A.

In an in-text citation, only the surname is included.

Hyphenated given names

Where the author’s first name is hyphenated, provide an initial for each name and retain the hyphen before the second letter. Do not include a space between the full stop and hyphen.

Author, A.-A.

Where the second name in a hyphenated first name is lowercase, treat it as a single name and only provide the initial of the first name e.g. Mary-rose Kenealy format as Kenealy, M.

Multi-part surnames

Where the author’s surname is hyphenated or two-part, include the names in full as it appears in the work. Retain the author’s preferred capitalisation.


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