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1. Sign in to your ORCID account and leave your profile open.

2. In a new window go to Google Scholar and 'SIGN IN' to your Google account or create one if you don't have an account. To set up your Google Scholar profile, see How do I set up my Google Scholar profile?.

3. Click on 'My profile'.

4. Tick the checkbox beside 'Title' in the grey menu bar to select all your publications.

5. Click on the 'Export' menu and choose 'BibTeX'.

6. Your next step will depend on the operating system and browser you are using:

a) Mac/ iOS- Your export should save as a BibTex file.

b) PC (Chrome)- Right click on the results screen and choose the 'Save As' option which will save as a text file.

c) PC (Internet Explorer)- Click on the cog icon in the top right corner of your browser and choose 'File' then 'Save as'. Your file will be saved as a text file.

7. Go back to your ORCID profile. In the 'Add Works' section of your profile click '+ Add Works' then choose 'Import BibTeX'.

8. Select 'Choose file' and locate the text or BibTeX file you saved from Google Scholar.

9. Your citations will be imported for you to approve. Beside each citation you will find a save and delete button. You can save each item individually or choose the 'Save all' button.

10. You can edit each entry in your ORCID profile at any time by using the edit tool bar.

For further information on adding works to your ORCID profile, please refer to the ORCID Knowledge Base.

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