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Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge are currently incompatible with several electronic library databases. This may appear as a blank page when you click on a link to a database.

Devices and laptops that are Windows 10 use Edge as the default browser.

The icons for Edge and Internet Explorer are very similar. If you are unaware which browser you are using, check to see if the e icon in the URL line of the browser window has a yellow ring through it.


        Edge                                Internet Explorer



While this is being investigated please use an alternate browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox .  

Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) is already installed on Windows 10. To access IE11, go to the Start Menu then select All apps> Windows> Accessories> Internet Explorer.

Alternatively, you can choose to open a page with Internet Explorer while using the Edge browser by selecting the ... icon from the top right hand corner and choose Open with Internet Explorer.



Another option is to use a mobile site via an iPad.

If you are a staff member, Citrix can also be used. For assistance to download and install Citrix see your  MyIT Portal