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You can submit, mark, peer review, and originality check Excel files. The file extensions included in this are .xls and .xlsx.

How does it work?

When an Excel file is submitted to Turnitin the service will process the file as though it were any of the other standard file types (the file types which can receive Originality Reports). This means that the service will generate an Originality Report for the file and will create a version of the file that can be marked in GradeMark. The version of the file that can be viewed in the document viewer will look the same as it would if the Excel file had been saved as a PDF and submitted to Turnitin.

Each tab/sheet will be included as a separate set of pages in the document in Turnitin.  However, The Excel file shown in the document viewer is a print view of the file.  Dynamic elements of the Excel file such as column sorting and formulas are not accessible.

NOTE:  Excel files that contain mostly numbers are unlikely to show a large number of matches in their Originality Reports. This is due to the fact that Turnitin will not find matches to strings of text that are heavily numeric. Turnitin is currently working on ways to improve matching algorithms for things like large number strings and code. Improvements in matching for highly numeric Excel files will improve as those changes are added.

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