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You can only import data via Excel documents.

Creating a rubric in excel

  • Open Excel (xls or .xlsx)
  • Add your scales / standards across the first row (e.g. Excellent, Good, Pass…)
  • Add your criteria information in the first column (the limit is 50 rows). Criteria titles must be 13 characters or less  If included, criteria descriptions should be in the same cells as the criteria titles, separated by a line break
  • Add descriptors for the body of the rubric
  • Save your file

For further information, see the rubric example on how the data should be presented in Excel

Note: Numerical values cannot be imported.  To include, change the rubric type to custom after the import is completed.  Decimal values can be added by pressing "Enter" on the keyboard.  If you simply click away, the number may revert to 0.0.

Importing the excel document into GradeMark

  •  Login into vUWS and access the relevant unit
  •  From the Control Panel choose Course Tools>Turnitin Assignments and select the relevant Turnitin Assignment link
  • From the top menu, choose the Libraries > Rubric / Form Manager
  • Select import icon (top right) and choose the Import option
  •  Choose the ‘Select Files’ button and browse to the location of your file
  • Once the import is complete - click on the View option
  •  If you wish to include grades against corresponding standards and criteria, be sure to change the rubric type to custom

For information on how to link the rubric with specific Turnitin assignment links, please refer to this FAQ

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