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This means you can give student feedback for assignments that do not exist as electronic files (like speeches, presentations, performances, sport coaching or works of art), or are too large / wrong format to upload to Turnitin.

See how this has been applied for presentations and visual art works

The student does not submit a file. Instead, markers can generate a grading template to apply feedback from a comment bank and/or the rubric as detailed in the Learning Guide.

To get the best results for this feature, consider using the Turnitin for iPad app, as you can add feedback and grades ‘live’. (October 2016: Please note that there are current known issues with the iPad App)

What will the Turnitin assignment inbox look like?

For live presentations or other assignments with no student submission, markers see a grey pencil icon in the rows of students who have not submitted.

Clicking the grey pencil will create a grading template in the Document Viewer for that student. This will take the place of a submission.



Students will receive feedback left on a grading template on the Assignment's Post date (the same way they do for standard submissions).

Note: Grading templates cannot be used to replace existing submissions. If the student has already submitted a file to an assignment, the marker will need to delete the submission before the grading template option will become available for that student.


What will the Document Viewer look like?

The grading template will appear as a blank page, with a Turnitin logo in the Document Viewer – allowing markers to  leave comments,  use rubrics, and create voice comments for the student.



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