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Turnitin Assignment links can be configured to accept any file type; giving marker the ability to submit and give/receive feedback for assignment submissions that cannot receive Originality Reports and/or cannot be displayed in the Document Viewer.

This includes images, music, video, and other files, or even live performances. See how this has been applied for presentations and visual art works.

File size is still limited to 40MB and/or 400 pages.


When creating the Turnitin Assignment link, select the option: ‘Allow any file type’.



If an assignment is set to allow any file type and it’s one that can’t produce an Originality report, you will see "--" in the Assignment Inbox under the Originality column.

If the file cannot be displayed in the Document Viewer (video, music etc.), a grading template will appear as a blank page with a Turnitin logo in the Document Viewer. This allows markers to apply QuickMarks, and use rubrics, voice comments, and general comments to leave feedback for the student.  To view the original submission, download the original file.

Submissions that are images (e.g. jpeg or image based pdf) will display in the Document Viewer. Markers will be able to add comments on the image in the same way as with text assignments.  However please take into consideration that images files can be slow to load via the Document Viewer.

For live presentations or other assignments with no student submission, you can initiate a grading template in the Assignment inbox. Markers see a grey pencil icon in the rows of students who have not submitted.

Clicking the grey pencil will create a grading template for the student that will take the place of a submission. In the Assignment inbox, ‘Grading Template’ will replace ‘no submission’ – click this to initiate grading.



Students will receive feedback left on a grading template on the Assignment's Post date (the same way they do for standard submissions).



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