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Important Note: One person in the marking team should be responsible for the rubric. Do not attach, edit or detach the rubric unless that is you!


  • Once a rubric is attached to a Turnitin assignment, it is not possible to edit the rubric. It must first be detached.
    Detaching a rubric from an assignment after marking has started will cause the loss of all rubric scores on marked papers (i.e. the scores for each criterion row). Overall grade and comments are not affected.
  • If you discover a rubric error after marking has commenced, first follow the steps in this Library FAQ to download the marked GradeMark papers so that you have a record of rubric criterion scoring.
    These papers will have to be re-marked using the replacement rubric once it is attached.


You can then detach, edit, and reattach the existing rubric via the Document Viewer OR via the Assignment Inbox tabs.

Detach, edit, and re-attach the rubric via the Rubric Manager in the Document Viewer

  • Navigate to the rubric panel on the right hand side of the GradeMark Document Viewer (via any student submission).
  • Choose the spanner icon at top right to open the Rubric/Form Manager.



  • At the top right, the information about which assignment this rubric is attached to will display in the blue band.
  • Click the chain link icon to detach the rubric.


  • Click ‘Yes’ to the warning message, then once the rubric is detached, close the Rubric Manager window (bottom right).
  • Next, open any student submission and again, navigate to the rubric panel and click the spanner icon to access the Rubric Manager.
  • Choose the relevant rubric from the drop down menu. It should now say ‘Not attached to this assignment’ at top right. Therefore you can now edit it in that window and save changes at bottom right.
  • When all the required changes are saved, click the chain link icon at top right again, to attach the revised rubric to this assignment.


Detach, edit, and re-attach the rubric via the Rubric Manager in the Libraries Tab


  • First, access the Assignment settings via the Edit Assignment tab (Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments > Edit Assignment tab).
  • Open Optional Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Choose No rubric/form from the drop down list.


  • Click Submit. This will detach the rubric.


  • Next, access the relevant rubric via your Rubric / Form Manager on the Libraries tab (Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments > Libraries tab > Rubric/Form Manager).
  • Make changes as required. You may need to refresh the browser window before you are able to edit the rubric.
    if you are still unable to edit the rubric, it may be attached another assignment as well. In this case, simply duplicate the rubric and rename it with the current session information before continuing.
  • Save the revised rubric, then go back to the Edit Assignment tab, change to the new rubric in the Optional Settings, and submit the change.
  • Recommence marking, ensuring information from previously marked papers is re-applied.


For more information about creating and using rubrics in GradeMark, please see the Library’s Rubrics guide for staff.

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