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There may be a number of reasons why this is occurring, please consider the following:


  • You have not clicked on the "Apply rubric percentage to grade" button at the bottom of the rubric window. Once a grade is applied from the rubric scorecard it will appear in the "Grade" field at the top right corner of the document viewer.  The Grade is also sent to Grade Centre.
  • Grades entered through the Grade Centre (vUWS) are not added to the GradeMark reports but grades entered through a GradeMark reports automatically flow through to the Grade Centre (vUWS).

Note: If the grade does not automatically add to the Grade Field, you must go back to your Turnitin assignment set-up (access via the Edit Assignment tab) and include a Point Value for the assignment.

  •  You may have accidently hidden the column.  From Grade Centre, click Manage, and then select Column Organisation from the drop-down menu.  If you are unable to locate and restore the required column, please ring Blended Learning Platforms on: 9852 5111

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