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The rubric scorecard will automatically calculate the student’s grade using the final rubric score by clicking the "Apply rubric percentage to grade" button. For example, the total points possible on the rubric may be 80, but the assignment may be worth 50% of the final grade. A student who scores 60/80 (or 75%) will therefore have a final assignment grade of 37.5 out of 50.

This grade** will be automatically added to the final grade field at the top right corner of the document viewer.


  • **The final grade field will only take whole numbers. Therefore the example above of 37.5 out of 50 will appear as 38 out of 50 in that field.
  • The information in the final grade field flows through to the vUWS Grade Centre. However, grades entered directly through the vUWS Grade Centre are not added to the GradeMark report.
  • You can override this score and add a different score to the final grade field, remembering that the grade field will only take whole numbers.
  • Grades will only appear in the Assignment Inbox view once the window is refreshed.
  • In order for the "Apply rubric percentage to grade" button to work, you must have entered the correct point value (assignment weighting) in the Turnitin Assignment settings. In the example above, this is 50.

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