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  • From the GradeMark report, click the Rubrics icon (bottom right).
  •  Each criterion will be displayed, with numbers for the scale appearing to the right.
  • Move your mouse over a number: criterion information appears in the blue area at the bottom of the rubric pane.
  • Click a number in the scale to select it.
  • If you select a number in error, click another number, or click the number again to deselect. Numbers selected in a rubric are automatically saved when you select them.
  • Click on the "Apply rubric percentage to grade" button at the bottom of the rubric window to apply the rubric  percentage to the assignments total point value. Once a grade is applied from the rubric scorecard it will appear  in the "Grade" field at the top right corner of the document viewer.  The Grade is also sent to Grade Centre.

Note: If the grade does not automatically add to the Grade Field, you must go back to your Turnitin assignment set-up (access via the Edit Assignment tab) and include a Point Value for the assignment.

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