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Students cannot view their grades or comments left on GradeMark Reports until the assignment Post Date/time has passed.  The Post Date is when grades and comments become available for students to view. 

  • You can change the Post-Date via the Edit Assignment tab (the Post-Date can be changed at any time).

  • To give markers time to grade, choose a date 4 weeks after the due date in the Post-Date field and click on the Submit button

  • At the Turnitin assignment optional setting of: Reveal grades to students only on post-date’ - change this to: yes (access via the Edit Assignment tab) and then click on the Submit button

  • From Grade Centre, navigate to the relevant grade column (Turnitin automatically creates a column in GradeCentre when you add a Turnitin link) and make the column unavailable to students (via column information).   

NOTE: Students may be able to calculate their marks, using subtractions and additions from the Total column in the Grade Centre, hence the above step must be repeated if you require the Total column to be hidden from students’ view.

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