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You can access GradeMark Reports or Originality Reports by two ways:

Through the Turnitin Assignment link in vUWS

  • From the Control Panel choose Course Tools>Turnitin Assignments and select the relevant Turnitin link



  • The Turnitin Originality Report can be accessed from the assignment inbox. Under the similarity column are the icons indicating the percentage of the Overall Similarity Index
  • When an Originality Report is available for viewing; an icon will appear in the similarity column of the assignment inbox. 
  • To open a report, click the report percentage in the similarity column. The Originality Report will open in a new window.
  • To open the submission for grading and/or feedback, click on the 'pencil' icon

Note: You cannot view specific groups and can only see submissions for the whole class. To view Turnitin Assignments by tutorial groups, you will have to set tutorial groups in vUWS. Then you can click on Turnitin Assignments by Groups and select the relevant tutorial group to access the assignments.

 For more information on how to set-up a Smart-View, contact the IT Service Desk

Through the Grade Centre in vUWS

  •          From the Control Panel choose Grade Centre > Needs Marking
  •          From the Category drop-down menu you can choose to limit to Turnitin Assignment if that helps to reduce items in the list. You can also filter by Assignment title, User (student) and date.



  •          Click the student’s name to begin grading that submission.

On the next screen you will see the details of the student submission.

  •          Clicking the icon next to User's Paper will open the submission in GradeMark view, ready to mark.
  •          Clicking the icon next to Originality Report will open the submission in Originality view.



Alternatively, choose Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre and access each student’s submission via the relevant Turnitin Assignment Column.

Use the contextual (downward arrow) menu adjacent to the Needs Grading icon to open the ‘Attempt’. This will then show the same screen as above where you can view the User’s Paper or Originality Report.



It is recommended that you use the first method; at least as an initial step during the grading process, because the Turnitin Assignment inbox provides a contextual overview of the range of similarity and submission dates which may not be evident through Grade Centre.

In addition, the Turnitin Assignment Inbox enables download of the originally submitted file and/or Originality or GradeMark reports in bulk.

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