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It is possible to add emoji to your QuickMarks by sourcing appropriate icons from the web, and pasting these in to the QuickMark interface.


On a Windows PC, follow these steps.

First, log into vUWS using your Western Account, ideally in Chrome or Firefox browser.


As per the screenshot below:

(1) Navigate to the Libraries tab in any Turnitin Assignment.

(2) Access your personal QuickMark Manager

(3) Create a new QuickMark set for the emoji comments, or select an existing set to add to.

(4) Create a new QuickMark.



To add the emoji to the Title or the description text of the QuickMark, open a new tab and go to the Emojipedia website (

Search for your chosen emoji. The example below is hands clapping.

NB: Depending on your search results, you may need to click through several options to get to a single emoji result page where there is a ‘Copy’ button.



Click the ‘Copy’ button and navigate back to your QuickMark Manager. Use ‘Ctrl +V’ on the keyboard to paste the emoji into the Title or Description field.

You can then continue to type other text in that field.



You can also use this copy and paste method to insert emoji into a QuickMark that you create whilst marking, i.e. in the Document viewer interface:



Please note: As always, markers should remain sensitive to the context of QuickMark use, and only choose appropriate, non-offensive emoji.

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